Prayer for Today

PRAYER FOR TODAY- Help me to use this day wisely, Lord, that there be no hours misspent, no work undone, no love unexpressed, and no sad regret when evening comes. May all of my plans for today crumble before your perfect will and may I hold tightly to your hand in my daily walk. Fill my heart with a desire to bring gladness to someone who is sad, to bring hope to someone who walks in despair, and to enable someone to dream again. Make me a positive power to negative people and a light to those who walk in darkness. Help me to plant seed in others which will enable their life to be fruitful and joyful. Fill my heart with charity, my hands with needful work, and my deeds with kindness and generosity. Help me to do something today that will bring rewards, instead of regrets, tomorrow. Show me how to be a friend, how to win a friend, and how to show my friends the friend who sticks closer than a brother. Above all, at the end of my fast fleeting life, when we share that first moment together, may I see a smile on your loving face.

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