The most important thing in this world is not of this world

Good Church

I still believe that a Body of Believers who really believe their Beliefs can turn the world upside down for Christ


Because of Medicine and Medical conditions the Doctors prefer that I not abstain from food for more than one meal. But there are still some ways I can “Fast and… Continue reading FASTING


In my Bible reading today I was reminded again how important it is that people hear all about Christ; whom Life and death are all about!


This verse “stood out” to me in my devotions and when I thought about what it means I just had to say, “Glory”!

Calming Storms

Will you be the Reason for Storms in the life of those around you or will you be the source of Calm in the midst of their storms?

10 Times Better

You can Whine about your circumstances or YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Election Need

The way to Save the World is to get the World’s People Saved!