What Matters?

If what matters to you now does not matter in the end then should it be such a matter to you now??

Lady in White

Over the years a number of my devotional articles published in newspapers have also been published by a bulletin publishing company. This is one about India.


Do not pray for Rain and complain about mud


You can Defy God, Disbelieve God, Dishonor God, and Delay dealing with God but One day you will Face God. Do not become so busy living until you forget about… Continue reading PUNISHMENT


Teachers Teach but Parents must Parent if your child is to become the super great person God wants them to be.


Always remember that the First of five descriptions God used to describe Fallen Angels and Disobedient People was ‚ÄúThese are MURMURERS, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth… Continue reading MURMUR