Each One Win One

You can gripe about America or you can “Gospel” America. The first makes people feel bad; the second does Great Good

Satan’s Trap

This is an old written sermon I needed to type into my computer. All week I have set it aside each time it came up because I had other tasks I felt needed to be done. This morning the Lord spoke fairly harshly to me and said I needed to type this sermon. That must… Continue reading Satan’s Trap


I am living it and it is still hard sometimes to believe it! Glory! What a Great God we Serve!

Need of Sermons

“Science” seems to change every week. You tune into “New and Talk shows” that present your point of view. And all around people are facing fear with little hope and coming to death unprepared. People need to realize that Their Truth may not be THE Truth and come to God’s House to hear THE Truth… Continue reading Need of Sermons


A good loving Parent will discipline a child rather than allow them to play with fire and suffer the consequences!